Established funds are those that are currently in existence within SPCCF. You may make gifts to one or more of these funds.

This list and associated giving opportunities will expand over time as new funds are created by donors with specific interest areas.

At this time, this is the full list of established funds.

If you have any questions contact us at 360-665-5292 or by email at:

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Fund Name Description
Critical Needs
Community Emergency Relief Fund Used to fund relief actions in our community. This fund raises money to support relief efforts related to COVID-19. Grants go to nonprofits that provide support services to our community. Admin fees are waived, every dollar raised goes directly to relief organizations.
Community Food Fund Makes grants to local food banks and other food providers. Admin fees are waived for this fund, every dollar raised goes directly to relief organizations.
Food 4 Kids Fund Food 4 Kids Fund supports the weekend food programs for schoolchildren; weekly backpacks are distributed by school buses on their regular routes, which deliver assignments and daily meals during the week. Admin fees are waived for this fund, every dollar raised goes directly to relief organizations.
PCIS Fund Pacific County Immigrant Support Fund provides financial support for immigrant families, including rent, utilities and other critical needs. Admin fees are waived for this fund, every dollar raised goes directly to relief organizations.
Mission Funds
Greatest Needs Fund This permanent fund makes grants to support critical needs in south Pacific County. The SPCCF board directs the grants based on annual evaluation of funding gaps and rising needs.
Partners In Philanthropy Fund Grants made from this fund support needs in south Pacific County based on donors' wishes. This fund is not endowed, and donations made in a current year may be granted out during that year to specific activities or organizations. Donors tell us when making their donations which activities or organizations they wish to support.
SPC Community Endowment Fund Provides endowment for south Pacific County organzations
The Martha and Mya After-school Fund Supports after-school programs: Martha Murfin was one of the founders of the Coastal Alliance For Youth. She understood the absolute necessity of creating a program to ensure that the kids of our community had a safe place to go after school. In those first days, she said that funding should be easy. "We just need 200 people in this community to give $1000 per year, and our kids will be taken care of after school", was her motto. Mya is one of the kids who has grown up being able to spend time after school at the club. When Mya learned of the closing she said "Mom, money doesn't grow on trees but sometimes it grows on roses." She had taped her summer clam raking earnings ($152) to a rose she has been preserving since her 11th birthday and asked her mom to bring it to club. She said, "I know this won't solve the problem but every little bit helps, right?" These two amazing ladies show the spirit that our community has to fund a sustainable after school program. We are much stronger and safer if our kids have a safe place to go after school. "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate action of its members" Coretta Scott King
Donor Advised Fund
Abundant Salmon Futures Fund The salmon fund (endowed) supports operation of Sea Resources, the oldest fish hatchery in Washington, for fish production and education.
Community Beach Cleanup Fund This fund supports ongoing beach clean up activities, by building an endowment to promote clean beaches and fund community organizations that remove trash.
Ilwaco-Long Beach Kiwanis Club Fund Funds programs that support children and youth programs in south Pacific County
Natural Resource Center Fund The Natural Resource Center Fund raises capital for the Friends of Willapa Refuge's education and community spaces in the new administrative complex for Willapa NWR. This includes indoor and out of doors facilities for all ages, universal access, and promotes education and access to our national wildlife refuge.
Pacific County Marine Resources Committee Fund The MRC Fund supports annual programs for the Pacific County Marine Resources Committee, which includes education, beach cleanup, estuarine and near ocean research projects and other programs related to marine health, aquaculture and education.
Rising Stars Fund Funds programs that promote excellence in education at Naselle-Grays River Valley School, including Mandarin Immersion Program
Seaview Sign Fund The Seaview Sign Fund was created to replace and eventually to maintain a new beach approach sign for the Seaview community.
South Pacific County Fisheries Trust Fund SPC Fisheries Trust Fund provides capital to the Port of Ilwaco and the Columbia River Crab Fishermen's Association to buy fishing permits for commercial boats working out of the Ports of Ilwaco and Chinook on the Columbia River and nearby ocean waters.
Sports Excellence Fund The Sports Fund promotes athletic excellence by making grants to support coaching, equipment and other needs to help athletes develop outstanding sports skills in school sports programs.
Wellspring Community Network Fund Established in 2006, WellSpring Community Network is a grassroots coalition dedicated to creating community wellness by strengthening collaborative relationships between service providers, youth, parents, government and community volunteers that: Reduce Substance Abuse; Enrich Family & Parenting Opportunities; Promote Positive Youth & Adult Mental Health; Community Health
Education Grant Funds
Carol Peterson Schwartz Memorial Fund Funds education grants to college students in medicine, and continuing education studies in palliative care for medical professionals who live or work in south Pacific County
Chefs Jimella Lucas And Nanci Main Culinary Scholarship Fund Funds education grants for young adults with high school diplomas or GED certificates who are interested in cooking skills, or in food quality, or food integrity studies.
Janet Mack Wilson Memorial Fund The Janet Mack Wilson Memorial Fund was established to provide college scholarships to graduating seniors of South Bend and Raymond high schools, for students pursuing studies in core sciences, mathematics and engineering. Up to $10,000 is available each year for awards.
Lee Carter Endowed Scholarship Fund The Lee Carter Endowed Scholarship Fund makes scholarships available to graduating seniors of Ilwaco High School, or those who attended IHS and hold a GED certificate. First year scholarships are $500; for years 2-4, award amounts range from $500 to $1000. The community foundation selects scholarship awardees each year.
Lee Carter Scholarship Fund for Wrestlers The Carter Wrestling Fund makes scholarships available to graduating seniors in the wrestling program at Ilwaco High School. Scholarships are $500 and may be renewed for $500 to $750 for up to four years. Initial decisions for awards are made by leaders (coach, president and treasurer) of the Ilwaco Wrestling Federation.
Sid Snyder Scholarship Fund The Sid Snyder Scholarship Fund makes scholarships each year to students who live in Pacific County. PCD selects the awardees, who are then approved by the foundation board.
Silent Key Memorial Fund Funds education grants to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) majors. The Pacific County Amateur Radio Club selects the awardees. Two grants are made per year, one each in north and south Pacific County, each for $500.
SPCCF Operations
Cornerstone Fund Funds annual operations of SPCCF
South Pacific County Foundation Fund Provides endowment for SPCCF operations
Other Funds